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                中文版 | English
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                2019 Liupanshui Summer Vacation Cultural Festival Opens

                Meet in the cool city to enjoy the summer vacation. On July 22, the opening ceremony of 2019 Liupanshui Summer Vacation Cultural Festival and the theatrical performance were held in Liangdu Grand Theatre.

                Party Secretary Wang Zhong declared the opening. Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Li Gang, Deputy Director of Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism Wang Wenxue delivered speeches.

                Director of the Liupanshui Municipal People's Congress Huang Jin, Chairman of Liupanshui Municipal Committee of the CPPCC Fu Zhaoxiang, Party Secretary and head of Dalian Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism Rong Mei, member of CPC Tongren Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor Chai Shan, Deputy Mayor of Anshun Zhou Lili, Deputy Mayor of Bijie Jiang Jianjing, as well as the leadership teams from the Standing Committee of the CPC Liupanshui Municipal Committee, Liupanshui Municipal People's Congress, Liupanshui Municipal Government, and Liupanshui Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, court, procuratorate, Liupanshui Normal University, and Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College attended the opening ceremony. Member of CPC Liupanshui Standing Committee, head of the Publicity Department and United Front Department of the CPC Liupanshui Municipal Committee Liu Rui presided over the opening of the event.

                It is the 16th Summer Vacation Cultural Festival held in this city since 2004. The Summer Vacation Cultural Festival provides an open platform for the masses to show their personal styles, make new friends, and enjoy arts and cultural activities.

                The theme of this festival is "Meet in the cool city to enjoy the summer vacation", with cities and prefectures of Liupanshui, and Yunnan Province and Dalian City participated. On the occasion of the State's 70th anniversary, the event promotes tourism with its charming culture and encourages the people to take part as well, so as to maximize the value of economic, social, cultural, tourism, and civil construction.

                At 10:23 a.m., Wang Zhong declared the opening of the 2019 Liupanshui Summer Vacation Cultural Festival, amidst thunderous applause.

                In his speech, Li Gang, on behalf of the Municipal Committee, the Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal Government, and the Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, expressed heartfelt appreciation and thanks to the guests, and extended the warmest congratulations to the citizens. He said that the city has successfully held 15 sessions of summer vacation cultural festivals since 2004. In particular, the festival in 2018 shifted in focus towards mass cultural activities, and attracted over 1400 ordinary people to attend the show. In that sense, the festival has become truly the festival of the people. The festival this year will go on with the main idea of providing a platform for the masses to show on stage. A total of 16 activities will be held to sing the praises of the new age. We hope that the people can enjoy a cool summer here. The well-organized activities and attentive services will present the soothing experience of 19 degrees Celsius in summertime.

                Wang Wenxue said that in recent years, Liupanshui has thoroughly implemented the important instructions made by President Xi Jinping regarding the work of cultural and tourism development. By taking the method of promoting tourism with culture and positioning the city as an ideal place for healthcare, Liupanshui has achieved great results and became a role model in Guizhou Province and the entire nation. Over the past 15 years, the festival has been developed into a feast for entertainment for the common people. Liupanshui is famous for its natural beauty. This festival serves not only as a tourism platform, but also a window to promote the tourism and economic development of the city. Liupanshui expects to work together with other areas of the province to promote the summer vacation tourism in Guizhou, explore the full potential of the cultural resources, and enrich the tourism products provided, to drive the economic and social development.

                The festival started with a dance "Meet in Liupanshui". After the performance, the leaders greeted the cast and crew, and took a souvenir picture with them.

                Before the opening ceremony, the leaders also visited the photo exhibition themed "Beautiful Liupanshui".

                The event was also attended by leaders from different counties (cities, special districts, and districts), Liupanshui High-tech Development Zone, departments under direct supervision of the Municipal Government, offices of state-owned and provincial enterprises and institutions in Liupanshui, and tourism departments of different cities and prefectures in Guizhou, as well as representatives of tourism agencies, news media, and other sectors of society.

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