General Trend

Stone Industry Transferring: The center of stone industry is moving to northern China due to the national economy development;
Stone Bases’ Effect: about a hundred of stone industry bases locate in those regions in eastern China, northern China Midwest and northeast, and Qingdao has a great influence to them;
Market Driven: Qingdao is centered by Shanghai, Beijing city and Japan as well as South Korea, the market advantage is irreplaceable;
International Hub: Qingdao is an international seaport which plays a very important role for northeast Asia transportation. It is also a bridgehead in the dock of the northern mainland China and the international market;
Perseverance of Qingdao: More than ten years of perseverance has contributed to the continuous growth of the fair.

Precise Positioning

•Leading by designing, to face terminal directly: the gathered domestic and foreign designers, decoration and real estate stone terminal purchasers offer great convenience for stone producers.
•Quality first, to achieve accurate results: quality is always prior to quantity, and then be stronger. By hosting a large number of high-end and accurate supporting activities, the fair brings the exhibitors precision purchasers.
•Based on the northern China, and open to the northeast Asia: to organize stone companies in northern China to exhibit, and to invite accurate buyers from northern China, Japan, South Korea and Russia etc.
•Co-operate with Verona to expand the global market: through World-class Stone + Design + Technology Trade Fair in Verona, Italy to achieve market and resource exchange.

To Build and Share Together

Welcome cross border companies and open alliance. To combine the cross-border industry resources with an open mind and achieve cooperation between international trade organizations and exhibitions. Encourage designers, decorations, real estate, finance and Internet to work together to create a cooperation platform for stone industry.
To build the fair by the whole stone industry: led by China stone industry, organized by Chinese Stone Industry Association Committees and supported by National Stone Industry Association, the fair is going to create a national platform for the exchange of industry resources.
To build a platform jointly and share resources together: with Yingliang Group served as the leader, the national brand stone enterprises jointly build the platform that belongs to themselves.