4 Reasons to Choose qingdao Stone Fair

ased on North China, and face to Northeast Asia

We organize the corporations and products in the North China to join the exhibition and highlight their feature, and precisely invite the buyers from the North China, Russia, Japan and South Korea through a lot of practical and precise exclusive supporting activities.

The expo of Qingdao is the expo of the world

The MARMOMACC (Verona International Stone Exhibition) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Qingdao International Stone Fair. They will help to promote Qingdao Stone Fair worldwide, and gather resources to organize activities in the Qingdao Fair, and promote the communication in the world stone industry.

Persevere for decades, and keep improving

Be honest, and do best. In the last ten years, the growth of Qingdao International Stone Fair has fulfilled the spirit of cooperation and stand together. We realized the target of maximizing the exhibitors' benefit step by step with our hearts and actions.

Gather resources around the world and promote crossover cooperation

We connect the resources from different industries with an open mind, and build a platform that different sections of the stone industry can communicate and cooperate. We help to build an exhibition platform of the exhibitors, which is led by the Yingliang Group and co-funded by the nationwide brand stone companies.

Exhibitor Promotion